Ayurveda And its Quantum Logic :

                      Ayurveda (Ayu=life+veda=science) is the most ancient science of life, health and cure. It makes a unique holistic approach to the life and its wellbeing. Ayu, the life as considered in Ayurveda is a four dimensional entity comprising of the physical body, the senses, the psyche and the Soul (the consciousness). Ayu, the individual life entity is considered the miniature replica (and a continuum) of the universe. This understanding is the basis of the doctrine of Loka-purusha samya i.e. macrocosm-microcosm continuum. Ayurveda in tune with the basic vedantic view considers Chetana or consciousness as the primordial nonphysical cosmic power responsible for creation of the entire material and nonmaterial universe. In philosophical terms this cosmic power is called Brahman. The Brahman extends itself into each individual living being. This extended fractional consciousness is called Atman. Thus the Atman and Brahman are a continuum but this continuum ordinarily remains masked due to ignorance or Maya which can be unveiled by Sadhana. Such a unified field of consciousness as conceived in Vedic traditions simulates the contemporary theory of unified field of energy and quantum phenomenon in modern physics.

                      Based on the above cited fundamental vedic understanding Ayurveda projects its own holistic biology which forms the basis of practice of health science and medicine in Ayurveda. This is why Ayurveda apparently appears interwoven with philosophy and spirituality. But with the newer discoveries of modern physics such as the theory of quantum physics and unified field of energy, it becomes obvious that Ayurveda could be understood better in terms of higher physics and philosophy rather than in terms of developing / ever changing science of biology of today. The recent information’s emerging from quantum physics and unified field of energy greatly validate the Vedic wisdom on the existence of the universe and the life.